Our educational training programs equip both seasoned experts and ambitious students with the professional acumen to bring your talent and skills to the next level.

We can help you unlock your potential on the journey to employment!

DevOps School is a set of tailored sessions for IT Operations Professionals who want to pursue DevOps Engineering careers. This course will help you take the first steps towards a successful career as the majority of modern companies seek to improve the performance of their IT organisations by adopting DevOps practices.

During the course, our experts will give you an outright view of the fundamentals of DevOps including the entire software development lifecycle and showcase how to optimize the software development process (Agile, Scrum, and CI/CD software delivery pipelines).

This course is intended for:
System administrators

System administrators


Students – future IT Engineers

Nice to have:

Experience with telecommunication and server systems


English level – Intermediate (B1) and up

After the course you will be able to:
  • Implement basic DevOps practices and technologies at your work
  • Automate and standardize processes
  • Create and optimize a secure environment for software development
  • Work with various tools confidently(Puppets, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, Nagios, Docker, GIT, etc.) when implementing DevOps practices
  • Learn about Continuous Integration and Delivery(CI/CD)
Top students will be offered DevOps positions at CoreValue.

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During the course you will have an opportunity to study and work as an integral part of Salesforce development team at the comfortable CoreValue office. You will learn the basics of Salesforce platform development and, after the final testing, you can become a part of our largest Salesforce team in Ukraine.

Requirements to participants:

  • Knowledge
    Understanding of basic technologies
  • English
    Intermediate level
  • Experience
    Any programming experience is a plus
  • Prior registration
    Prior registration


Poltava 3 Kotliarevskoho Str.

Registration deadline:

March 9

Courses start :

March 16


18:00 - 20:00


12 lessons (Mon/Wed/Fr)

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Have you already heard about Salesforce but not sure how it works? Care to try it out by yourself and see why Salesforce is cool? Wondering why Salesforce developers are in demand all over the world?

CoreValue offers a quick transition for professionals from other technologies who are interested in learning Salesforce. Our team consists of a big number of people who switched from other technologies and are successful salesforce developers now.

Required skills:

  • Minimum 2 years of experience with an OOP language (Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, etc..);

  • Solid skills in the following: CSS, HTML, javascript;

  • Degree in Computer Science (or related field) preferred, open to those who have successfully completed boot camps;

  • Strong English and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Let's try


Automation Quality Assurance School

Quality is our main focus and we are launching Automation Quality Assurance School for those who share this core value. AQA School is a course for you to become a proficient Automation engineer delivering the best product.

Our trainers bring a wealth of experience based on their own background in automation testing and mentoring. Join the community!

Topics highlighted during the course:
  • Java Core
  • Locators advanced. CSS and XPATH. WebDriver advanced
  • TestNG framework
  • Allure Reporting System
  • Additional Testing Tools: -GIT,Maven,JDBC,Rest Assured
  • Automation Architecture approaches
Top students will be offered AQA positions at CoreValue.

Java Core: Basic knowledge (Trainee level)


English proficiency: Intermediate

Nice to have:
  • TestNG basic knowledge
  • Webdriver basic knowledge
  • Soft Skills will be an advantage

Registration is currently closed. Leave your info and we will let you know about the next one.


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We are the largest Salesforce team in Ukraine!

Salesforce team
Salesforce projects
Salesforce certifications

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